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Jijau Sanstha gave strength to the wings, and Mohini soared high to accomplish her dreams

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 19: This is the story of Mohini Bharmal, who takes the umbrella of circumstances and fulfills her goals. The struggle story of Mohini Bharmal has once again shown that no matter how difficult the situation is if one’s goal is aimed and efforts are consistent, success is sure to come.

Mohini is a young woman from a farming family from Gomghar, a small village in Mokhada taluka of Palghar district. Mother and father used to manage the house by doing agriculture and labor. Mohini, the fifth daughter among seven siblings, completed her education up to 12th in an ashram school at Suryamaal in Mokhada taluka. Mohini was determined to study, but her parents married her after 12th grade due to a lack of resources. 

After marriage, she moved to Mulund. But fate had something else in store for Mohini. Her husband died of a heart attack within a year. Mohini was three months pregnant at that time. The time she attacked her developing world. On one hand, the responsibility of motherhood and, on the other hand, the overwhelming sorrow of her husband’s death. She was devastated.

Society gave her much advice at this time, but Mohini, who was cultured, decided to stand up for herself. After the death of her husband, the full responsibility of the old mother-in-law and her unborn child fell on Mohini. Then she started washing dishes to run the house. While this was happening somewhere in her mind, she kept thinking that she wanted to change her situation. She had a dream of becoming a policeman since childhood. But she needed help to get proper direction and guidance in her surroundings, which lacked education. Her struggle continued. That’s how she learned about the free police academy in Thane of the Jijau Sanstha. She joined the academy, but due to the housework and the responsibility of a tiny baby, it became difficult to attend classes every day. She was constantly absent. When the Jijau Sanstha team enquired more about this, they understood her overall situation, after which the founder of Jijau Foundation, Nilesh Sambare, took charge of her family—asking her to give up housework and focus entirely on studies and training.

At this time, Mohini’s mother-in-law took great care of her and supported her emotionally. They all gave her the inspiration that she could do something. Jijau Sanstha decided to motivate this stubborn girl to achieve her goal fully. With Mohini’s determination and Jijau’s strength, she completed her training. Mohini claims that Jijau Sanstha cared for her like a family member. 

Mohini has been selected for the recent Mumbai fire brigade recruitment. So there is a respected atmosphere with her in her house as well as in the entire team of Jijau Sanstha. The corners of Mohini’s eyes automatically moistened when she declared that she could fulfill this dream only because of Jijau Sanstha and Nilesh Sambare, the organization’s founder who cares like a father.

Mohini says I didn’t see God but may be he is the same as Nilesh Sambre of Jijau, i.e., our father. Who does so much for whom? Appa means a God in a human being. This time when many children like Mohini fulfill their dreams with our remote support, our Jijau organization and family feel very proud. Jijau founder Nilesh Sambare said that Jijau will always be there for such struggling children.

The strength, inspiration, and support given by Jijau are bringing revolutionary changes in the lives of many boys and girls like Mohini. Along with Mohini, more than 50 students have been selected in this recently conducted firefighter recruitment. Today Jijau Sanstha is working day and night in Thane, Palghar, and Konkan areas with an extensive and sincere ambition that children from low-income family tribal villages should not only study as soldiers and become officers.

Jijau Sanstha, which works on the five principles of education, health, employment, agriculture, and women’s empowerment, has raised social work as much as mountains in this area today. Today there are 8 CBSE schools of the institute in remote areas here, accessible to low-income people. A 130-bed modernized hospital is being run free of charge. In total, more than 500 officers have become officers from Upsc/mpsc academies which are being run free of cost by the organization at 43 places. More than 150 young men and women have joined the police department. Therefore, society is now discussing that the Jijau organization is the only organization that brings revolutionary changes.

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