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Tarot predictions for your zodiac this Diwali by Renowned Tarot Card Reader and Karmic Healer Poonam Sethi

Poonam Sethi

October 17: On diwali evening, prayers are offered to Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and prosperity due to the popular belief that Lakshmi visits the homes of her devotees on Diwali. As a symbolic gesture many people paint the feet of Lakshmi as if entering into the house from the threshold. Lakshmi is said to be transient and therefore, does not stay at one place for long; prayers are offered to Lakshmi as everyone desires that she reside within their homes permanently. Since it is customary to first offer prayers to Lord Ganesh, it is popular to establish a temporary temple within the home with idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi and then offer prayers. Prayers are offered to Goddess Lakshmi on several occasions around the year, but prayers on Diwali are most popularly practiced.

On the occasion of Diwali, Poonam Sethi has some tips for enhancing financial luck and how the festival will be for you this year.

ARIES: Someone will be the unexpected catalyst to a brand new business venture or bring an opportunity that could increase your earnings substantially.

Tip: Place a bowl of water with red petals in the south-east of the house. Also place red and green cushions or any other accessory in the same.

TAURUS: You will be fortunate in money matters, and luck will be with you in reversing a negative trend.

Tip: A fish bowl with three blue fish could do wonders placed in the north of the house.

GEMINI: You can expect an increase in your finances which will allow you to spend money on gifts or luxuries and if you had a problem collecting money from someone it will be resolved.

Tip:  Hang a yellow cloth filled with any yellow pulses above your main door.

CANCER: A decision concerning your career and finances will be made soon, and if you’ve been expecting some money it will arrive.

Tip: A money plant in the south-east of the house would bring positive financial energies.

LEO:  Good fortune will come through a change in your environment or a move from one thing or a place to another.

Tip: A picture of the sun or a vibrant painting with shades of orange and red in the east would bring tremendous business luck.

VIRGO: Finances or financial arrangements will be discussed and mutually agreed upon and business profits will begin to increase.

Tip: Brown colored earthen ware placed in the south-west of the house can bring luck and harmony in the family.

LIBRA: Expect positive changes in your financial affairs, as well as lucky breaks and cost cuts; and, if you call on those who owe you money you will get a swift reply in the affirmative.

Tip: Use pink coloured candles in the south of the house and light them on diwali night to accelerate financial luck.

SCORPIO: You can expect a sudden improvement in your financial ffairs, lots of activity and correspondence related to your work, or proceeds from a new enterprise thats just beginning to yield a profit.

Tip: Light a red bulb in the south of the house for fame and financial luck.

SAGITTARIUS: Expect good news concerning your finances and a business opportunity over the phone or email. Money will come in.

Tip: Purple, the color of divinity, can be your colour for diwali. Use it generously in the south-east corner of your home to create the flow of finances.

CAPRICORN: You will have enough money to pay your bills or meet your needs and if involved in a litigation or debate over finances you will come out victorious.

Tip: Pray to a silver plated Lakshmi Ganesh this diwali. Also place a figure of an owl near the feet of the goddess.

AQUARIUS: Luck will be with you in getting your wish and making a successful barter or trade. Loans will get cleared.

Tip: Place a water fountain or any flowing water body with blue coloured stones thrown into the water placed in the north or the house/office for easy flow of money.

PISCES: You will do well financially and could make more money than you anticipated. Your wish will soon be granted.

Tip: Wear the jade gemstone in your neck in the shape of an elephant or an owl. It helps in generating finances.

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