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Nvron Life Science Limited to celebrate its 10 years of existence with Unveiling New Healthcare Technologies

Nvron Life Science: A Decade of Innovation in Healthcare

New Delhi (India), November 2: Nvron Life Science Limited, an innovative pharmaceutical company, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the launch of a collection of cutting-edge technologies. Since its inception in 2013, the company has stood by its commitment to improving the lives of patients by advancing pharmaceutical practices globally. With a legacy of continuous advancements, the company will continue to set new standards for quality, efficiency, and patient care in the industry.

While expressing the excitement of celebrating a decade of contributions, Santhosh Kumar Subash Chandra Bose, Managing Director, Nvron Life Science Limited, said, “We, as a renowned company, place not only emphasis on setting our international standard, but we also perform ethical business practices for patient care. Our focus will always remain on going the extra mile and ensuring that our products meet the strictest safety and quality criteria that every patient needs.”

With an ongoing mission to transform its medical practices, Nvron has introduced innovative technologies. Among these, Dicloviron with N20 Flowable Technology is an innovative pain management technology that ensures improved patient compliance with maximum absorption for exceptional efficacy. Additionally, Smart Ex Technology, a part of the Sitaviron D 10 brand, is another technology developed for patient care to ensure mouth feel and bioavailability with cost-effective advantages. Furthermore, the company’s dedication to providing a uniform medication and simplifying administration is evident through the development of NDS (Nvron Dispersion System), especially for Ngel O. In their Rosuviron Gold brand, the SRDSP Technology promotes medication absorption, while Opadry Technology, another technology used in  Telviron, allows the manufacturing of smaller tablets, making them easier to swallow. These technologies, filled with efficient, accessible, and high-quality healthcare solutions, make the company an ultimate supporter of patients. 

The company’s vision is to produce 2000 quality products that will be available to patients at an affordable price with high quality and advanced technology, which reflects its aim to uplift its community. Moreover, it aspires to help 1 million business partners, ensuring they are achieving self-reliance, comprehensive training, and prosperity, which in turn can influence the lives of 1 million people worldwide.  

More than just a pharmaceutical company, Nvron is known for two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, as it operates itself in the picturesque locales of Coimbatore and Himachal Pradesh. The company prides itself on international standards with great certifications, including WHO-GMP and ISO. Keeping in mind providing top-notch healthcare solutions, the company offers an array of 140 pharmaceutical products available in different dosage forms, reflecting its dedication to excellence and integrity.

With a dedicated team of over 100 employees, Nvron will continue to focus on researching and developing new healthcare technologies and reach its target for the upcoming financial year, which will be an impressive 100 crore, becoming a more innovative healthcare provider in the coming years. The company has a core principle of ‘Living by one’s word, Loving people for who they are, and seeing opportunities in every obstacle’, which makes them an effective healthcare solution for a large population. The company looks forward to remaining steadfast, with new benchmarks set in the realm of pharmaceuticals.

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