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Vikram Khaitan: Rise of a Versatile Author in the Horizon

New Delhi (India), March 3: Vikram has been proficient in both English and Hindi languages since school. He spent most of his time reading, which ignited his inquisitive mind. Growing up in the seventies without a television or the internet was a different world from now. His farthest sojourn could be up to the British Council Library. Vikram Khaitan is an MBA (Finance) and a black belt in Six Sigma. His job in a Corporate House is his profession, while reading and writing are his passion. If not what he is, he could have been a research scientist because the secrets of the universe have always intrigued him.

Besides writing for himself in his secret diary, he started posting his blogs on Orkut and Blogspot. Later, other platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn came into the foray. Vikram discovered that one can self-publish a book on Amazon. “The Secrets to A Magical Life” was his first published book in July 2019. This book is majorly a reflection of his lessons from a life in his pursuit of happiness. Further, with the mastery of his finance domain, he published “How To Grow Rich & Become Wealthy,” a book on personal finance and individual wealth creation. These two tiles became immensely popular in the USA and Canada and became Amazon’s #1 international bestsellers within weeks of their release. Further extending financial and emotional security for the aged people, he published “Master The Art Of Aging Gracefully.” 

His puissant for reading the Bhagavad Gita over and again inspired him to bring out its timeless teachings in congruence with the research works of modern behavioral scientists. This book, “Seeds of Advice”, deals with tacking all the vices of the mind viz. ‘kama, krodha, madha, lobha, moha, matsarya,’ and several others. Why seeds? Why not gems or pearls of wisdom? It is so because gems or pearls are stowed away in closets, but seeds have to be sown, germinated, grown, nurtured, and the fruits are to be harvested. It has also found it’s place in the National Library of Kolkata.

Also, Vikram spearheaded a collaboration of independent authors to work together on a series of anthologies in the horror fiction genre. He took this arduous task by the horns to test his versatility as a writer. With Rama is the story of Ravana, and with Krishna is Kansa, he says. The dark side of this world won’t let itself be ignored for long, so let’s deal with it. “Midnight Thrillers” and “Spiritual Romance” are two titles already rocking the readers. 

In the year 2022, several awards came his way, like the Aesthetics Global Leadership Award, Asian Literature Award, Literoma Laureate Award, Rabindranath Tagore Literature Award, and Munshi Premchand Literature Award. Vikram is also a trainer and mentor. His latest session on ‘Presentation Skills’ won tremendous applause and ovation from the audience at Corbett National Park. Prior, he delivered several talks on various subjects to a varied audience.

Writers today cannot stay aloof from digital media. Vikram hosts ‘Sip n Talk with Vikram’, a channel on YouTube. It has different segments, like author interviews, book reviews, lateral learning, and book launches. The channel aims to help and promote self-published authors and other artists. 

Presently, Vikram is preparing to publish his next book, “Life Transformation with the Bhagavad Gita.” It is an authentic English translation of the Bhagavad Gita, verse by verse, along with leadership lessons and skill sets to help transform one’s own life. It is written in the language of the millennials to target a young audience.

Despite being six times successful as the #1 international bestseller on Amazon, he is a humble and totally grounded person. He moves across with people of all ages with equal ease. Vikram is approachable and a sincere friend to discuss anything with. A darling of his small family comprising parents, spouse and two children, Vikram is equally loved by his friends and community of authors. His charming smile disarms the reserved folks and draws them into a conversation naturally.

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