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Meet 15 Indian Entrepreneur Making Their Mark in 2023

New Delhi (India), February 27: As the reality of strong and hard competition kicks in, the only way out is to be creative yet unique. One cannot deny the fact that the number of startups since the pandemic has diversely affected people. At this point, the pandemic almost seems like a break for solidifying those ideas which only remained as mere thoughts before.

With the competition that the situation brings in, only a few individuals manage to build a foundation for success while most of them give up. These few individuals hold the power to stir the thoughts and development processes of their respective industries. Here are the 15 most influential entrepreneurs who have marked a successful run in the business industry.

1. Nitin Dixit

An entrepreneur, software developer, and project planner by profession, Mr. Nitin Dixit is the founder of Startup starter, a platform dedicated to building exceptional IT infrastructure for startup owners. The company has been providing world-class service in an affordable price range.

A good software system is the need of the hour. It serves as the most basic requirement for a company’s needs. The idea of Startup Starter is to empower new entrepreneurs with curated applications, advanced and customized websites, CRM, ERP, and other services concerning branding and promoting processes.

2. Santhosh

He is the founder of Shadow E-tail, a lifestyle utility house of D2C brands. Having 25 trademarks across multiple categories and providing wide range of products in highest quality, Shadow Etail has been growing as one of the most exceptional utility brands.

The company only offers life style products from socially conscious brands. Some of the popular brands of Shadow E-tail services are Tom Cat, Gecko, Hola Cosmectid , Hola Baby, Happy Hippo, Happy Nights, and Royal Heritage. Shadow Etail is clocking more than 10 crores revenue per year and are soon launching in UAE, Singapore and Australia.

3. Karanvir Pukhwal

A genuine follower of tunes, melodic or disco, classical or rock, DJ Krav Karanvir Pukhwal is the founder of Records Now, a music-producing company. He loves to make remixes of two to three songs that are different in style, creating a whole new track that fills the energy in you.

He was ranked second in the talent pool organized by the Spinning Records from the Netherlands. His most recent work is a remix of the song ‘Maan Meri Jaan’ for the Valentine’s Day special.

4. Dhananjay Pawar

The founder of Trade Hunter, a stock market training program, Mr. Dhananjay Pawar is a trading expert specializing in in-depth analysis and education on the stock market. The team navigates you through the different aspects of trading and guides you to use the best strategies to ace the trading game. Trade Hunter is a one-stop solution to the most exceptional guidance and perfection achieved by stock market training and courses for stock trading indicators. Trade Hunter runs a YouTube channel dedicated to expert trading techniques and strategies.

5. Rohan Shah

A one-on-one teaching system for IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE is provided to students who strive to dedicate themselves to studying abroad. With his innovative teaching, skills, and proper knowledge of the topics for exams, Rohan Shah has been helping a lot of students live their dream.

The coaching provides the necessary resources for the language proficiency test. Rohan Shah has served as a perfect mentor to international students from Jakarta, Philippines, Maldives, Mauritius, Srilanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, providing them a guide to every aspect of these courses, personalized for students.

6. Prajyot Poll

Absolute Outsourcing by Prajyot Poll is an absolute game changer in Digital Marketing, Paralegal Accountancy, Content Writing, and Virtual Assistance. Marking its position as one of the top 6th digital marketers in Asia, the company values the work process with people who are passionate about setting up a business venture.

A discovery call process before onboarding a new client is the base of every connection for the company. Being in collaboration with many Indian and International clients, the level of opportunities it brings for the country is way more profitable.

7. Kamal Kumar Agrawal

As the association of foods with harmful chemicals and substances is overpowering the food industry, Kamal Caterer has been amazing people with its range of healthy and tasty food options. The dynamic concept for their products takes inspiration from the constant urge to adopt healthy practices and get healthy food products. The company specializes in preparing snack items using whole grains.

The company has been felicitated with Honorary Doctorate by Global Triumph Virtual University and was also nominated under the Top 50 Inspiring Icons of India in 2021.

8. K.S. Vikram Murthy

OKO Elite Travel World Private Limited provides Employee transportation, Electric vehicle operators, premium car rentals, long-term vehicle contractual leasing services, and airline crew transportation services. The company is dedicated to bringing the best to the customers with easy signing-up processes secured by absolute transparency.

With a team of professional and resolute people, K. S. Vikram Murthy has been leading the group to achieve the best for both the clients and the company.

9. Sriharsha Nallamilli

Sriharsha is an accomplished marketing professional who has made a remarkable impact in the industry and he is known for his ability to impart strategies that help businesses achieve growth. He has a strong grasp of the modern marketing tools and techniques which makes him a sought-after consultant and trainer.

He equips individuals and businesses with the skills and insights through 1:1 consultation for career guidance and digital marketing strategy. Follow him on LinkedIn to start a conversation.

10. Alok Gotam

Alok has been working on the development of Olbrain, a machine brain based on General-AI technology, in the United States for the past seven years. In an effort to use this advanced technology to benefit his home country and create employment opportunities, Alok founded Dilaton in India three years ago. Dilaton is currently incorporating this advanced technology into Daviator, which is expected to become the world’s smartest AI-pilot, enabling unmanned military aircrafts to become fully autonomous.

The implementation of this technology is poised to provide significant asymmetrical advantage to the defense forces of India and our allies, securing national boundaries and saving precious lives.

11. Dr. Kshitij Kumar

Dr. Kshitij Kumar, the founder of Umbrella Group is a Quality Guru, Business Growth Coach, and an exceptional team leader.

The company serves as a one-stop solution for the corporate industry. Ranging from accreditation to facility-related work while also covering the legal aspects of all work. The economic packages provided by the company are straight-up ‘perfection’. Maintaining utmost transparency with the customers and with the most reliable solutions, Umbrella Group has been established as a standard in the industry.

12.Rishabh Verma

The founder and CEO of Nutrillion Health LLP, Dr. Rishabh Verma, is dedicated to bringing about revolutionary change by introducing Genetic Testing and Gut Microbiome Testing. He holds credentials as a trained Health Coach, Genetic Counsellor, Body Anatomist, Qualified Nutritionist, Motivational Speaker and many more. His objective is to remove unethical practices of nutrition like fad diets, crash diets , low fat diets etc and let people eat and live as per their Genetics and Biological make-up. As per him nothing is healthy or unhealthy, it all depends how your body metabolises and processes the nutrients.

13. Dr. Prasad Tarkar

Dr. Prasad Appa Tarkar, the founder of Vedas Art Inc. is an exceptional entrepreneur backed by his creative abilities. The company has proved its excellence through outdoor innovation techniques and products and is continuously bringing out the best in the fusion of creativity with practical skills.

Dr. Prasad Tarkar has always focused on the creative aspects of every work. And the another co. is the kingdom of films for Films, Music Videos, and commercial ads. Dr. Prasad Appa Tarkar is best known for his ability to mix art with architecture to create wonders of all time.

14. Charan Suvarna

Visica Films is a film production house & a leading solution provider for films i.e  Shooting locations service, Line Production, assisting in government subsidy  both national and international locations,  post-production service, etc. the company handles it all.

Visica Films Pvt Ltd backed by It’s Directors Charan Suvarna, CB Kulkarni, Ashok Devanampriya & Mohan Raj plans to take the company to a global level by 2025 & is completely equipped in achieving the goal.

15. Vijayaraghavan R

A powerhouse in digital marketing, Brand Max focuses on film promotions, social media marketing, influencer marketing, and brand marketing. Before putting together a final solution to put in front of the client, the company actively engages in various brainstorming sessions to bring out the right ideas. The company’s key slogan is “transparency and accessibility to communication,” according to Vijayraghavan R, the company’s creator. Every time a customer interacts with our business, our company promises to give them the appropriate information and solutions.

These are the 15 entrepreneurs who have been making it big this time with the incorporation of the most innovative and creative ideas to work. “Creativity builds the foundation and innovation takes it to ultimate success”, a thought that might have been the influencing subject for all these splendid people.

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