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“Unveiling the Untold Stories of Courage and Resilience” 

New Delhi (India), May 20: Vivek Ananthakrishnan, a former Indian Army officer, has embarked on a literary journey that brings to light the untold stories of soldiers and their extraordinary experiences. With his debut book, “Tales of the Lite: A Ridge Too Far and Other Stories,” the author delves into the lives of these brave men, exploring the challenges they face and the resilience they exhibit in the face of adversity.

Growing up with a passion for writing, Vivek Ananthakrishnan’s desire to share the stories of those he served with in the Indian Army has finally come to fruition. Motivated by the dreams, desires, and hopes for a better tomorrow that he witnessed among his comrades, he felt compelled to capture their experiences on paper. These stories give the reader a deeper understanding of the psyche behind the men in uniform and the constant battle they wage for survival.

BlueRose proudly presents “Tales of the Lite: A Ridge Too Far and Other Stories,” a captivating book by author Vivek Ananthakrishnan. Delving into the psyche of soldiers, it unravels their relentless struggles and unwavering determination in the face of adversity. Mr Syed Asad, Managing Director, expresses excitement about this connection with the passionate author and the opportunity to share these remarkable tales.

The book offers a multitude of lessons. The author weaves together narratives that shed light on the harsh realities experienced by soldiers, going beyond the glorified image often portrayed in popular media. The book provides an insight into the hardships endured by these individuals and the remarkable strength they exhibit in the face of adversity.

Vivek Ananthakrishnan’s diverse background, with educational stints at prestigious institutions such as Frank Anthony Public School Delhi, Model Boys Thrissur (Kerala), Ramjas College (Delhi University) and the Indian Military Academy, coupled with his military service and postgraduate studies in Defense Studies at Madras University, provides him with a unique perspective that enriches the narratives within his book.

While writing about soldiers and their experiences remains Vivek Ananthakrishnan’s primary focus, he is also passionate about exploring other genres. With a background in coaching, he holds credentials as an International Coaching Federation coach, master trainer facilitator, and EI practitioner. Drawing from his knowledge in these fields, Vivek Ananthakrishnan aspires to continue writing fiction and the psychology-related aspects of human behaviour.

Vivek Ananthakrishnan’s journey as an author is an inspiring one. His writing is a tribute to the sacrifices of the men and women who serve their country selflessly. The book is the author’s determination to make a difference through his words and a testament to his unwavering commitment to the literary world.

As Vivek Ananthakrishnan embarks on this new chapter in his life, let us recognize his power of storytelling. Through his book, he not only brings attention to the experiences of soldiers but also highlights the universal themes of resilience, courage, and the human spirit’s triumph in the face of adversity. By sharing these stories, the author hopes to bridge the gap between civilians and the military, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation.

In a world where stories are often overlooked or forgotten, Vivek Ananthakrishnan’s “Tales of the Lite: A Ridge Too Far and Other Stories” stands as a reminder of the power of words and the importance of honouring those who have sacrificed for the greater good. So, keep writing, Vivek Ananthakrishnan, because there will always be someone ready to read and appreciate the stories you have to tell. Ananthakrishnan-86656285/

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